Japanese sushi rolls meets beach culture


Located in Eastgate Bondi Junction and Coogee Beach, Manga Sushi is a new sushi brand with a unique manga concept that integrates Japanese pop art and Australian beach culture.

Each sushi roll is prepared with passion by our team of sushi makers and offers sustainable packaging to entice your taste buds.

Manga Sushi offers popular hand rolls, rice paper rolls, Japanese style salads and much more! Drop by to try our amazing range of sushi rolls!

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Pickup from our shops in Eastgate Bondi Junction and Coogee
Any issues, please call 02-8385 8692 for Bondi Junction Shop, 02-8384 9010 for Coogee Shop

White rice
White rice sushi rolls and other sushi products, such as nigiri and inari, are traditional sushi rolls made from standard white sushi rice. They provide the everyday energy and nutrition you need.

Brown rice
Brown rice sushi rolls are made from brown sushi rice mixed with a small amount of white rice. This is a healthier alternative to regular white rice sushi.

Black rice
Black rice sushi rolls are made from a mixture of black rice and white rice. Their dark purple colour is a beautiful contrast to the vivid colours of the ingredients within the roll. This is a healthier alternative to regular white rice sushi.

Rainbow rice
Rainbow rice is a blend of our coloured rice varieties. It is created by making a single colour rice which combines white rice with a single vegetable, fruit or spice. This results in a unique rice with vivid colour that is all natural and contains a rich dose of vitamins!
PINK – Beetroot
GREEN – Spinach
ORANGE – Carrot
YELLOW – Turmeric
BLUE – Blueberry
PURPLE – Red cabbage
Manga Rainbow Rice comes in bento, hand rolls, nigiri sushi and now available for catering orders!

Poke bowls
Brown rice or black rice is available for poke bowls. They are the same types rice used in our sushi rolls.



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